Frequently Asked Questions

older man holding a giant glass jar with plants inside

Whose idea was Food Producers Forum?

The need for a provincial information hub was identified by twenty-one stakeholders who met at the MUN Botanical Garden in 2019 as part of the consultation that helped create the Earth Sheltered Greenhouse. Each group had its own job to do and its own political allegiances, making it impossible for any of them to fill that role. So we founded Food Producers Forum, with funding support from Memorial University’s Office of Public Engagement.

What does Food Producers Forum do?

We are creating an information hub to allow gardeners, growers, farmers, hunters, fishers and foragers to directly exchange information, to expand access to healthy, local food and help return our province to the level of food security we previously enjoyed, when most communities had gardens and livestock for local food production. We believe that with so many thousands of us returning to home food production, we already have the capacity to rapidly expand food security. With networks of local food distribution solidifying, we want to help with this important challenge.

I have a question about gardening. Can I ask it here?

There are two Facebook pages (Backyard Farming and Homesteading and Backyard Vegetable Farmers NL) where you can ask questions and share information with other gardeners. On those pages you will find a wide variety of answers, some informed and accurate, some not so much.   Our website is becoming an “online encyclopedia” of articles and links to those with experience and knowledge in different areas of food production.  You will find these people on the blog sites linked through the green band on our main page.   You can also email us with your questions and we will find someone to answer them.

If I have skills or knowledge to share, can I volunteer to work with you?

Absolutely! We welcome volunteers. We are looking for individuals to help with posting on social media, building our new earth sheltered greenhouse, writing articles, helping us plan a major conference for the Fall and in general, spreading the word around the province that we exist as a hub for food production.