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Dan RubinShawn Dawson is a well known local grower and forager and author of the book The Forager’s Dinner (Boulder Publications, 2020). He has been growing and gathering food here in Newfoundland since he was very young and has steadily added to his knowledge of cultivated and wild plants. He has harvested chaga fungus and learned how to make remarkable pickles and preserves from natural ingredients.


Dan Rubin is the founder of Perfectly Perennial Herbs and Seeds, and leader of annual workshops on year round food production in the challenging climate of the Atlantic Provinces. Over the past decade more than 800 people have attended his workshops and presentations. He is leading the Earth Sheltered Greenhouse Project and is Chairperson of Food Producers Forum.


On this page Shawn and Dan will be posting notes from a series of workshops they led on food preserving, covering various ways that fresh food can be preserved and stored, including drying, salting, freezing, pickling and fermenting, or made into jams and jellies. They will also cover root cellar design and options for overwintering crops in your garden.


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Lori McCarthy of Cod Sounds leads workshops in traditional food harvesting and preparing:



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