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Temporary Carports Serve as Greenhouses in Montreal

A collection of temporary carports have cropped up on a Montreal street this winter, draped in transparent, polycarbonate sheeting rather than white plastic tarps that flap on windy days. But…

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Can seafood made of plants boost interest in food alternatives and reel in consumers?

It’s coming to a dinner plate near you: seafood that wasn’t fished from the ocean but was designed in a lab. And Toronto startup New School Foods is betting its ……

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This woman built a greenhouse that grows eye-catching exotic fruits—in Nova Scotia

Annette Clarke’s nursery is expanding the definition of what’s growable out east. Tart Chilean guava berries, plump persimmons the size of tomatoes, and pods of blue sausage fruit, also known as…

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Canola goes up, organic goes down

A chart comparing organic acres in Western Canada to the price of canola would be simple: when canola falls, organic acres go up. When canola hits $20 per bushel, organic ……

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Food scientist sounds alarm on home-based food businesses

Many home-based food businesses fall under the radar, and could be breaking the rules without even knowing it. Read more here.…

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Hot Composting: More Compost, Less Time!

David Goodyear from the Flatrock Homestead put together these videos on hot composting. In Part I he discusses some of the science behind hot composting and how to do hot ……

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Meet a Family of Farmers Growing Edible Mushrooms Year-Round in Portugal Cove

Depending on the type, they can taste like bacon, lobster, almonds — even hot peppers. You can make furniture out of them. You can turn them into a hat. You ……

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Scientists in Israel are growing date palms from 2,000-year-old seeds

The seeds discovered in the Judean desert are both male and female, raising the prospect of producing dates. Researchers have successfully planted and grown a handful of date seeds from ……

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English farmers turning to cultivating nuts as climate heats

Nuts are being grown more than ever by English farmers as the climate heats, making the products more economically viable, growers have said. Nut trees are also helpful for biodiversity ……

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Canada’s Food Price Report predicts families to pay $1,000 more in 2023

Canada’s Food Price Report 2023 predicts that overall, prices will rise by five to seven per cent this year. A family of four consisting of two adults and two children ……

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