Soil |

Earthworms & Soil

Every living and non-living thing has an essential place in the greater environment – good and “not-so-good-for-us” combined. You may ask yourself: “What is the purpose of earthworms?” Read…

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Community Involvement, News |

Regeneration Conference: November 8-9-10, 2021

With support from Memorial University’s Office of Public Engagement, Food Producers Forum is pulling together representatives of food organizations and groups from across Newfoundland and Labrador…

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Greens |

Growing Lettuce & Saving Seeds : A Video From “The Bauta Family Seed Security Initiative”

Fall and Summer leaf lettuces are being trialed across Ontario this year through the Farmer-Led Research Program, and  gardeners, farmers and seed savers across Canada are growing out lettuce seed…

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Food Distribution |

Demand For Locally Grown Fresh Food

This interesting collection of data was derived from more than six dozen interview subjects and nine restaurants in St. John’s, as part of a research project conducted by Trevor Blackler, ……

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Breeding Peppers: A Video From “The Bauta Family Seed Security Initiative”

The diversity of peppers is truly amazing! Did you know there are 38 species of Capsicum peppers, including Capsicum annum — the most commonly cultivated pepper species in the world. ……

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Seeds |

Transplanting How-To Video

Here is some great advice on how to transplant bedding plants in your garden or greenhouse!…

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Media Coverage, News |

From The Ground Up – Dan Rubin’s Garden

Our segment starts at 35:19…

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Food Distribution |

Newfoundland and Labradors Food Security Problem

Last year, CBCs Adam Walsh produced a year-long series called Fed Up. Here is one of the articles in the series. Food policy expert Valerie Tarasuk talks about how Newfoundland ……

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Hydroponics |

Off-Grid Hydroponics in Yukon

The Yukon Territory has become a centre of innovation in northern gardening. Along with various forms of passive solar greenhouses, they are making significant strides in off grid hydroponics. Here…

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News |

From The Ground Up: For homesteading inspiration, and year-round veggies, look no further than Flatrock

From The Ground Up is a CBC series in collaboration with Food Producers Forum, looking at how small-scale growers are digging and dreaming agricultural innovations in Newfoundland and Labrador. No…

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