A new, major initiative of Food Producers Forum was proposed by representatives from across the province at a meeting in October.   There was general agreement at a meeting held at the Autism Society Greenhouse by visitors from the Codroy Valley, King’s Point, Carbonear, Gambo and St. John’s that we need a network connecting people growing and gathering food, to share ideas and experience.

So we will be launching the creation of that network, as our newest Food Producers project in January.  We will be looking for help, so if you are interested in being part of an effective online network for sharing innovative ideas for food production and distribution at the community level, please email us.

Our goal will be to help build a resilient, effective connector for the sharing of new and interesting ways to produce and share our own foods.   We see this as a way of moving from food as commodity to food as community.

We have already started work on a new online membership hub including discussion groups for a wide range of information sharing. We are seeking representatives from across the island of Newfoundland and the coast of Labrador to join us. Stay tuned for new developments, as we build an online hub to support the FOOD PRODUCERS NETWORK!

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