Collecting the missing data on community food production in our province

We believe that community food production (growing and gathering, hunting, fishing and foraging) provides a significant part of the food we consume, and can become an even greater contributor, once we realize what we are already producing. This information has never been collected.  

For this project, we have a wonderful team: Samantha Young, whose master’s degree from Memorial University is focused on community food sovereignty on the Northern Peninsula; our newest board members Heather Rhodes who lives in Holyrood and Rachel Snelgrove who is an Indigenous representative from Labrador; Dr. Nicholas Fairbridge of Memorial’s Faculty of Medicine and Dr. Mike Graham, an agricultural meteorologist who recently retired from a faculty position with College of the North Atlantic.  Over the past year, two students in the Business Faculty at Memorial, Mark Stack and Bennett Newhook have completed important groundwork and preparation for this project, interviewing producers by phone.

With our community partners, we will get the survey out online, bring it to the attention of the public and then collect and analyze what we find out about local gardeners, community gardens, market producers, fishers, foragers and hunters.  

The hardest part of collecting this information will be identifying food producers to contact. We need your help! Email us if you would like to help with this important project.

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