March 4, 2021

Seed Starting



In this 45-minute video, Dan explores the basics of starting seeds early, indoors and demonstrates what kind of soil to use for this, possible seed starting containers, planting and watering and basic conditions needed for effective seed germination. This video was produced for use in Seedy Saturday events across Canada in 2021.

2 Responses to Seed Starting

  1. Jackie Lane says:

    I’ve followed your article and enjoy the help. I’m wondering if you could give me advise on my broccoli. I’ve grown It from seeds this spring and planted them In larger pots individually but they have grown tall and slim with yellow flower’s.
    I have check on youtube and I understand they are no longer eatable. An you give me any advise please. I can send pictures if it would help


  2. Dan Rubin says:

    Sounds like your broccoli has bolted, meaning it has gone to seed. So unless you want to save seeds, best to pull the ones you have and replace them, if you can find bedding plants. Although we do grow some flowers, herbs and the occasional tomato in containers, we are not fans of the “bucket gardens” being promoted online because you have to replace the soil every year, for fertility, and because growing in restricted containers that do not drain well can be challenging. While some seem to have success with this, we prefer planting in raised beds connected to the soil because it is so much less work and much more reliable in terms of success. Hope that helps!

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