MUN students!! Come together with fellow students and create a sustainable solution to SucSeed’s challenge: delivering fresher produce in the province. Get paid to learn, create, and have an impact. 

What you need to know: 

This is a chance to work in a team to solve a unique problem for SucSeed and find a sustainable and efficient way to deliver fresh produce to NL customers

  • Why: Find a sustainable and impactful solution, learn and practice innovation skills, and get paid $325 upon your successful completion of the hackathon. 
  • When: November 26 – November 28.
  • Who: Open to current students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents and eligible to work in Canada.

As part of the Experience Ventures Program, we partnered with SucSeed on Hack4FreshFood. Due to the transportation systems in NL, fresh produce often gets to consumers in a state of being moldy or close to expiry date. The goal of this Hackathon is to find a solution to get fresher produce to NL customers without the use of plastic. 

Register Now! There are limited seats available.

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