In this episode of Ivan Emke’s Fit to Eat podcast, Ivan and Dan Rubin visit David Jason Goodyear in Flatrock, NL and learn how he grows and stores almost all his food with his earth sheltered greenhouse, raised bed garden and root cellar.

Which would you choose for your backyard – a snowmobile, or an earth sheltered greenhouse? And which would you guess pays itself off within 5 years? This week we find out the answers to these and other alluring questions on “Fit to Eat: the NL Farm and Food Show” as we head to the Homestead at Flatrock. Dan Rubin and I visit with David Goodyear, who has built an earth-sheltered greenhouse, a passive solar house, a root cellar and more. His family is now self-sufficient in vegetables. Year round. Innovations around season extension are alive and well in the province, in this post-Sprung (thankfully) era. Join us in the kitchen.

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