Food Producers Forum is a two-year old non-profit society focused on food security, food distribution and food justice in Newfoundland and Labrador.   In that time, our group has launched ten community-based projects to substantially address the need for local, healthy food.   We have a strongly committed, multi-cultural, gender balanced board of directors, led by a four-member executive.   To keep our day-to-day operations running and oversee our activities, we will be hiring a part time Executive Director.

This position will require a deep understanding of the culture and history of our province, combined with excellent organizational and communication skills and sensitivity to local issues and the complexity of the challenges we face.   We would prefer an individual with academic training in a related field, such as environmental studies, economics or agriculture but will primarily be looking for understanding of core issues related to food production and community health.

This contractual position will be reviewed bi-annually, with a monthly salary between $2500 and $3500 per month, depending on the level of training and experience of the selected candidate.  Operating expenses such as office space, travel or materials will be paid in addition to this contract fee.

The Executive Director will supervise projects, develop new initiatives, work with selected project teams and will undertake budgetary management and fundraising as required to maintain our work.   Any work related to budget and ongoing expenses will be handled jointly with the Chair and Treasurer.  The position will be reviewed and renegotiated annually.

The Executive Director will report directly to the Chairperson of Food Producers Forum, and through them to the Board of Directors who hold primary responsibility and authority for all decisions and programs of our group.  The Executive Director will organize and attend monthly meetings of the Board of Directors and report on work completed, progress made and any issues related to this work and the status of current projects.

Interested applicants should refer to our online website ( for further information about our group and activities, contact us by email with any questions ( and then submit their letter of application, resume and sample of their written work to us via the email address above.   The deadline for application is midnight, Friday, July 29th.

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