FOOD PRODUCERS FORUM, a provincial non-profit group supporting community-based food production in Newfoundland and Labrador, is excited to announce new funding from the Office of Public Engagement at Memorial University.    

These funds will help five groups outside St. John’s get ready to build an Earth Sheltered Greenhouse  for year-round food production.   We are ready to help community gardeners, family farmers and other groups interested in food security in five locations outside St. John’s create a community food production hub. 

Please help us spread the word.

The greenhouse under construction at the O’Brien Farm in St. John’s, will be operational by mid-summer.  That will provide a working model, showing what is possible at the community level.   

We will reach out to five rural communities where groups or families are getting ready to grow food for their communities.   Our team will provide support, advice and help defining a greenhouse structure to meet local needs.   By the end of this year, the five rural sites will be ready to build their own earth sheltered greenhouse.

We invite interested groups to email with expression of interest.   

We will review applications, interview prospective sites and select a short list of ten locations; from this our board of directors will select five sites for active involvement.  This will happen quickly, so any interested group should contact us as soon as possible. Deadline for expressions of interest is April 15th.

We will need to know who is applying, where they are located and what they have done so far.  We are particularly interested in groups with strong community involvement.

Any questions about this project can be sent to  We will be happy to answer any questions about the program.

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