Front Row: Jennifer Collins, Dan Rubin, Chris Oliver, Shawn Dawson. Back Row: Liam Collins, Kayden Fowler, Kendra Fowler

Using funding raised online last Fall, the Guerilla Garlic Gardeners in partnership with the Single Parents Association of Newfoundland and Labrador worked with single parents in St. John’s to create raised bed gardens for home food production.

In all, ten raised beds were built in neighbourhoods across the city, then filled with rich organic soil and planted to a selection of lettuce, carrots, peas, beans, kale, squash and tomatoes.    Residents worked alongside volunteers to achieve this.  One bed was created behind the Single Parents Association, to show the families that stop there what is possible.

We want to acknowledge the generosity and support of Luke Janes (Firewood Factory), John Frecker (Holland Nursery), Peter and Jackson (Gaze Seeds) and the management and staff of Canadian Tire (Hebron Way) for their support and donations of plants and seeds!

With support from the City of St. John’s and other local groups, we hope to continue to develop and expand this project to include even more families, this year and next.   As part of this project, our volunteers will return to the ten sites this fall, to plant garlic and winter greens, for food production next year.

This project has been supported by Food Producers Forum with funding from more than 35 local and international donors.   Anyone wanting to help move this forward can do so by contacting the project by email at:

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