The diversity of peppers is truly amazing! Did you know there are 38 species of Capsicum peppers, including Capsicum annum — the most commonly cultivated pepper species in the world. These species include a variety of peppers that are grown worldwide and valued as fresh vegetables, spices, medicine, and ornamental plants. The wild ancestors of all peppers grew in tropical South America, but these fruits now grow around the globe and are important to many cultures.

Here in Canada farmers are involved in variety trials to find the best bell or shephard/corno peppers suited to their region, some are breeding new varieties of peppers on-farm, and chefs are using peppers to showcase the local diversity of foods!

This video is a 1-hour webinar where you can learn about pepper selection, roguing, isolation practices and on-farm plant breeding. This webinar is from the Bauta Family & was hosted in partnership with CANOVI and the EFAO. You can find more info at their website.

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